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Iran Travel Guide: Iran ought to be one of the world’s most treasured travel destinations, blessed as it is with extraordinary historical sites, exquisite landscapes and a fascinating culture. But international tensions and a tough domestic regime have prevented that from being the case – it has remained a destination for the intrepid. Things are […]



Tehran is the capital of Iran, in the north of the country. Its central Golestan Palace complex, with its ornate rooms and marble throne, was the seat of power of the Qajar dynasty. The National Jewelry Museum holds many of the Qajar monarchs’ jewels, while the National Museum of Iran has artifacts dating back to […]



Shiraz Population: 1.7 million Renowned for its Persian lyrics, roses, cypresses and nightingales Shiraz is the capital of Fars and one time capital of the empire. Little is known of the stcity’s pre-Islamic  other than that a settlement certainly existed here during the Achaemenid era and that the Sassanian king Ardashir (212-41) held court here. […]



DAMAVAND HISTORY: ABOUT DAMAVAND: Mount Damavand also known as Donbavand, a potentially active volcano and the highest peak in Iran, has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. It is a potentially active volcano, since there are fumaroles near the summit crater emitting sulfur, which were known to be active on July 6, 2007. […]

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