Bushehr tourist attractions

BUSHEHR, March 5 (MNA) –Bushehr, the capital city of southern Province of Bushehr in Iran is located in Persian Gulf coasts and has desert climate.

Natural tourist attractions abounds the city which draws a great number of tourists to the city around the year especially during the Iranian New Year’s Day holiday and the beginning of spring.

Persian Gulf coastlines
The province has a long coastline, more than 700 kilometers in the Persian Gulf.

Green Palm Plantations

There are eye-catching green and tall palm trees in Abpakhsh along the rivers.



Salt domes

Jashk salt dome is located near a village in Dashti region of Bushehr province which is one of the largest salt domes in Iran and the Middle East.



Bushehr old sections

One of the tourist attractions in Bushehr is its old architecture which is a fashion of southern provinces in building structures.



Malek Mansion

Male Mansion is a building complex located in downtown Bushehr, one of tourist destinations of the city.


Rais Ali Delvari’s House

Rais Ali Delvari is an Iranian independence fighter against British colonialism in Bushehr province whose house is now a museum open to public.


Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, as an Iranian honor, is another tourist attraction of the region.


Black Bardak Palace

Black Bardak Palace is an historical heritage of Bushehr going back to Achaemenid Empire in Dashtestan region of the province.


Achaemenid Tomb

A tomb of Achaemenid Era in Dashtestan of Bushehr province is believed to be graves of some of Achaemenid female royals including Mandanda and Atousa.


Moshir-lmolk Caravanserai

Moshir-lmolk Caravanserai (a roadside inn) was built in 19th century and was used for more than 50 years by the travelers from Shiraz to Borazjan and back.


Khourmoj Castle

Khourmoj Castle is a cast

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