Iran Main Tourist Attractions:
Travel to Kashan:

This city, which is situated in the margin of the central desert of Iran, contains several sites and historical monuments attracting many visitors each year. Vestiges found on Seek hills, located 3 km. Distant from the town, indicate that this area was a home of prehistoric man
The charm of Kahsna is mainly due to the contrast between the parched immensities of the Kavir (desert) region and the greenery of the well-tended oasis, to the lively atmosphere of this almost compulsory halt, the restful shade of cupola covered houses and the coolness caused by these cupolas are a strange architecture specialized for the cities of desert.
This city has a variety of magnificent building, whose constructions refer to past as well as late times, among which the Garden of Fin, the House of Brojerdies , the Mosque and Scholl of Aga Bozorgand so many other interesting sites for the tourists, are notable.

Fin Garden:
This Garden, which is located 6 km of Kashan, has been constructed under the command of Shah Abbas Safavid to be used as a water supply for Kashan. The architecture of the garden is in the old Iranian stile, due to which it is of great importance among the monuments of the town. The garden, in which there are historical buildings and two baths with pillars made of marble and ceiling decorated with paintings, is a splendid complex.


Borujerdies House:
The House of Borujerdies was constructed in 19th century and it took about 18 years to be built by about 150 architects and painters and artists.
This house containing impressive wall paintings of Qjars Kings portraits, plasterwork, decorations with mirrors and beautiful wind towers above the roof, is an architectural triumph, which attracts numerous visitors each day.


The Mosque and School of Agha bozorg:
The Mosque and School of Agha Bozorg with an impressive facade, two lofty minarets and an eye-catching dome follows the original Iranian architecture.


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