Yasuj attraction for tourist:

Yasuj, where ‘International Congress on: Blood;Diseases&Clinical Administrations’ is held, is the center of Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad province. Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad, the territory of ArioBarzan, has a rich historical background. Researchers believe that ‘Enshan’was the capital of the magnificent government of Achaemenids and the place of birth of their great kings. There have been found a number of historical reliefs in Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad province verifying the claim. Yasuj, which is known nation-wide as the capital of the nature of Iran and as the four-season land, is the center of Boyer Ahmad county. It is located beside the beautiful Beshar River at the foot of picturesque and epic Mount Dena. ‘TolKhosro’, located 6 kilometers away from Yasuj, with a long history of more than 2000 years, is an ancient city which was founded long before the foundation of Yasuj. Yasuj is located in the beautiful and verdurous desert of ‘Sar Rood’ among various hills of over 1870 meters above the sea level. As the academic center of the province, it is mysteriously beautiful and has a very nice climate throughout the year, especially at the time the congress is held. Yasuj citizens represent the hospitable and warm-blooded people of Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad province. Religious and historical attractions of Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province.


The Holy Shrine of Bibihakimeh,

• The tourist city of Sisakht

• Cheshmeh Meshi

• KoohGol

• Mount Dena

• The ancient city of Belad Shapour,

• Shah Ghasem dam,

• The vast plains of overturning tulips ( the tear flower)

• Yasuj waterfall

• Bahram Beigi waterfall

• Kakan Ice Skating rink

• The Beshar River

• Cheshmeh Belgheis

• The traditional handicrafts

Kohgilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad is surrounded by Fars, Isfahan, Khuzestan, ChaharMahal-e-Bakhhtiyari and Boushehr provinces. Yasuj, the place of ‘International Congress on: Blood; Diseases & Clinical Administration’ is near the centers of these five provinces. A short account of Shiraz and Isfahan, the two major neighboring cities, is provided in the following. The centers of the other neighboring provinces, i.e. Ahvaz, Boushehr and Shahr-e-Kord have their own historical background, rich culture and tourist attractions

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